SkinSwipe - the first and only app in the world where you can trade CS:GO and Dota 2 skins.

You can trade garbage skins to the ones you were dreaming of but couldn’t afford. Without bots, without commissions, only real people. All trades are safe and protected with Steam Guard.

This app was created by a team of professionals, passionate about esports and videogames. The project has already been approved by gaming community.

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in SkinSwipe is really easy!

The Interface in SkinSwipe was made as simple as possible but it wasn’t easy. Each part of the app was born in doubts and discussions within inspired team.

Simple, easy and clear for all users!

приложение Skinswipe

Super-trade will help you
to get desirable skin
as fast as possible

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Auctions is made
for you to trade
the skins you don’t need
for the valuable ones

приложение Skinswipe

Complete quests,
earn points and
win great

приложение Skinswipe

List of users
let you see if anyone
have skins
from your wishlist

приложение Skinswipe

Your trades are conveniently
placed in the list where
you can easily accept
or decline submissions

What do you need
to start trading?

SkinSwipe is strictly follows
a Steam Security Police. Just 7 simple steps
before you can trade:


Steam account

Create your Steam account


Make any purchase on Steam.

If it’s the first purchase for you - it is supposed to be made at least 30 days ago and if you already have made the purchases, the last one must be completed no more than a year ago.


Steam app

You have to download the official Steam app on your phone.


Mobile Authenticator

You have to set up Steam Guard Mobile Authenticatior in Steam mobile app


Skins to trade

You suppose to have tradable skins in your inventory


Open inventory

You suppose to have tradable skins in your inventory


SkinSwipe app

Sign up to SkinSwipe with your Steam account

Who is
this for?

2,3 bln

of gamers
around the world

380 mln

of esports fans
around the world

~16 mln

of esports fans
in Russia

Gamers in Russia

The target audience of our app - adult and solvent people who actively use mobile devices.

The fact that the majority of gamers are under the age of 20 y.o is a stereotype. Our core audience is from 18 to 35 y.o.

Most gamers in Russia playing games on the PC and each and every one of them uses a smartphone.

The majority of esports audience for now is male but proportion of female part is growing every month.

How to become a partner?

SkinSwipe users actively participating in events and advertising campaigns of our Partners.

To win unique skins and prizes from your brand, users have to do some simple activities:

  • – Share the content
  • – Subscribe to your socials
  • – Leave a feedback
  • – Download the app
  • – Tell their friends about your event etc.

If you want to run an advertising campaign in SkinSwipe just live your contacts and we will contact you within 1 minute.


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